In 1987, the wood industry especially plywood was a very attractive market to the investor. The beginning purpose of the company establishment was to provide supporting materials, various tools and machinery spare parts which was needed for plywood industry.
PT. Plymilindo Perdana was registered as a limited company with The Establishment Act No. 80 dated October 15, 1987. The next on was stated with The Decree Letter from Ministry of Justice No. C2-5980.HT.01.01 on 1988.

The company has remain focused in its business viz : the manufacture of hot melt glue, veneer tapes, wood putty, carbon metal, the supply of grinding wheels & plywood machinery spare parts.

Since the beginning of 2005, PT. Plymilindo Perdana tried to diversify a new product (paint), cause we look the property sector is very promising in the future. The added line of business enforced us to enter the retail market.

And then, since 2006 until present we were already sold and finished wall paint projects.

Production Capacity :

  • Gummed Tape/ Reeling Tape : 1,920,000 roll/ annum
  • Hot Melt : 1,800 ton/ annum
  • Carbon Metal : 360,000 pieces/ annum
  • Polyester Yarn : 90,000 roll/ annum
  • Wood Putty : 420 ton/ annum
  • Paint : 2000 ton/ annum

Export Destination : Brazil, Malaysia, USA, Singapore, and Myanmar.

Raw materials import from Netherlands, USA, French, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Details for example : Kraft Paper from USA, French Perfectamyl from Netherlands Sunrez/ Petro from South Korea Pewax/ Polly Ethylene from Japan Eva (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Flex from Japan, Philippine

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